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Discounts & Offers


Observer Bands: For family and friends to come watch and support their favorite dancer(s)

  • Price: $50/band.

  • Must be 4 years or older.

  • Must not disrupt any dancers during class.

  • Must wear wrist band during the entire day/weekend. We will not replace them if lost.

  • No food or drink allowed (only water bottles).

Studio Owners:

  • If you bring 10-19 dancers, you will receive a FREE Dynamic Pro band.

  • If you bring 20+ dancers, you will receive TWO FREE Dynamic Pro bands.

  • Regular Observer bands will be discounted to $30/band if you are a teacher bringing 9 or less dancers.

  • If you register for a second DPC convention in the same year, classes will be 50% off (cannot be combined with any other discount offer).

  • If you attend a DPC convention and register (or send in a deposit) for a future DPC competition, you will receive a 22% discount.

College Students:

  • With proof of a college ID, you will receive a 20% discount.

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