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Rules and Regs

DPC is a family friendly competition. We expect great sportsmanship from all studios! Negativity will not be tolerated and may lead to a routine being disqualified if necessary. 


TIME LIMITS: There will be a $5 charge for extended music times.

  • Solos/Duet/Trio- 3:00 minute max

  • Small groups (4-8 dancers)- 3:30 minute max 

  • Large groups (9-15 dancers)- 4:00 minute max

  • Lines (16 or more dancers)- 6:00 minute max

  • Productions (18 or more dancers)- 8:00 minute max



  • Choreography and costumes are to be appropriate for ALL ages.

  • Dancers can perform up to 3 solos max, with the exception of entering into the improv category. Dancers may perform in the improv category and still have their 3 choreographed solos entered. 

  • Soloists cannot compete against themselves. If they have 2 solos in the same category/style, they can only register one of them.



  • Fees are due no later than 30 days before each event and are to be paid in full. Any entries submitted are non-refundable.

  • All deposits are non-refundable. You will get a credit for the $500 and it can be used towards a future DPC event.

  • Fees can be paid by checks, Zelle or PayPal online. There will be a 3% fee added when you pay by Zelle or PayPal. Address to send checks can be found under the "contact us" tab when you hover over the more tab.

  • All registrations are non-refundable with the exception of an event being cancelled on our behalf. This does not include deposits. 

  • Great Incentive options until January 1st.

  • Late fees will have $10 added to each entry and need to be paid 2 weeks prior to each event. 

  • Late fees may be paid with bank checks or money orders or PayPal only.

  • There will be a 50.00 service charge for any returned checks.

  • Late entries will still be eligible for high score awards IF it is possible with the final schedule.

  • Please email us or call office for entry fees (info in "contact us" drop down under the "more" tab)


  • You must upload your music no later than 30 days before the event. 

  • A charge of $5 per routine will be collected for any music that is not uploaded by the 30-day mark.

  • Always have at least one backup music prepared for each routine. Backup music is to be on a flash drive or a laptop/iPad.

  • When labeling backup music please have performance number, song title and studio name listed.

  • Music is to be appropriate for ALL ages. If the judges feel a song is inappropriate, they have the right to deduct up to 5 points off the routine.


  • Scheduled performance times will be available for studio owners approximately 10 days before the competition. 

  • Any scheduling requests are due 20 days prior to the event. Any requests after that will not be taken.

  • If you change anything (music, levels, categories, dancers, etc.) after the 20-day request deadline, you will be charged $5 per change. If these changes effect the overalls in any way, they will not be eligible for the overalls.

  • There are absolutely no changes allowed the day of an event (with the exception of being down a dancer). This will result in being pulled from the overalls.

  • If a routine is down a dancer and this changes the number of dancers from a large group to a small group (or any similar example), they will remain in the same category as they were registered. DPC believes this is what's fair because that is how the routine is practiced.

  • DPC always give a minimum of 4-5 numbers to change in between dances. This is not considered a quick change and if you hold your routines, we will deduct up to 5 points from their final score without question.

  • Be prepared! All dancers must be ready at least 1 hour before scheduled performance times. If the competition is running ahead of schedule we will continue even if you are not there. Please check in with our backstage manager 5 numbers ahead of each routine.

  • NO photography or video recording is allowed in the auditorium at any time. Our photography company will provide pictures and videos for each performance and will be available to purchase. 

  • Props are not DPC’s responsibility. If a performance does have a prop, studios have no more than 2 minutes for set up and break down.

  • DPC has the right to make last minute changes (venues, entries, etc.) IF necessary.

  • All studios registered for Dynamic Performance Challenge will need to have a signed waiver submitted prior to attending the event, by the studio owners and parents. Studio owners have full responsibility of their dancers and have a complete understanding of our waiver upon signing. All waivers will need to be submitted before final show documents are sent out. Waivers are valid for the entire season.

  • By signing up and attending any DPC event, pictures and videos are permitted by studio owners and parents to be used for any professional DPC or VSP marketing purposes.

  • You do not need to register for a DPC convention in order to compete.

  • You do not have to compete at a regional to compete at our nationals. However, you will be required to take a minimum of ONE convention class at our national's event. Starting in 2025 you will be required to compete at 1 regional to attend nationals.

  • We cap our entries at 500 per weekend. There will never be competition during school hours, and we will have only one stage the dancers will perform on so no need to worry about multiple stages.


Awards and Divisions: 


  •  Mini (4-6), Petite (7-9), Junior (10-12). Teen (13-15), Sr. (16-18), Adult (19+ up) 

  • Age divisions are determined as of January 1st.

  • Group dances are determined by the average number of dancers ages


The levels below are just a guide to help you understand where your dancers should fall. If you know they are above the suggested level, please place them in the higher level.



  • Duets are to be determined by the higher leveled category.

    • *If one dancer in the duet is dynamic 2 and one is dynamic 3, they are to be placed in the dynamic 3 category.*

  • Trios and groups are to be averaged out.

    • *If a routine has more dynamic 3 leveled dancers, then it is to be put in the dynamic 3 category. *

  •  Groups are to be averaged out unless there are the same number of dancers in one level VS the other.

    • *If there is a group of 6 dancers (3, dynamic 2 dancers and 3, dynamic 3 dancers) then they must register in the higher level.​*



  • Gold (76-83 points),

  • Dynamic Gold (84-89 points),

  • Platinum (90-95 points),

  • Dynamic Platinum (96-100 points))

*Adjudicated awards will be rounded up if .5 or above and rounded down if .4 or below*


Dancers will be judged based off of these 5 categories

  • Technique (30 points)

  • Execution (25 points)

  • Stage presence (20 points)

  • Choreography (15 points)

  • Presentation (10 points)


  • We are pushing this category because we want dancers to show us their raw passion for dance. This category is all about what dancers bring to the stage!

  • You can sign up the day of the event for $30. Sign-ups will be held at our merchandise table.

  • The category will be broken up into two age categories- 12 & under and 13 & over.

  • The dancers will not know the style of dance until the song begins. The music will be provided by our emcee the day of the event.

  • There will be 2 rounds with 2 different styles that the dancers will perform in.

  • All the dancers will perform on stage at the same time. If the group too big, we will split it into 2 groups.

  • Dancers will be split up by age category to perform and must improv until the emcee stops the music at or before 1:30. If it is found out that you perform a choreographed piece in this category dancer/s will be disqualified. 

  • This category is not scored numerically, therefore a first, second, and third place winner will be awarded to both age divisions.

  • First place will receive $50.00 cash! 

  • There must be 5 or more dancers entered in each age division for there to be top 3 awarded, otherwise only a first place will be awarded.


SOLO HIGH SCORES: All solos will be eligible for title at no extra cost. There must be 3 or more routines in an age division and level to crown a title winner. If a dancer has 2 or 3 solos, only their highest scored routine will be placed in the overalls.

  • 3-4 routines = 1st place awarded

  • 5-6 routines = Top 3 awarded

  • 7-11 routines = Top 5 awarded, 1st place receives $50 Dynamic Dollars

  • 12 + routines= Top 10 awarded, 1st place receives $50 cash

DUO/TRIO HIGH SCORES: There must be 3 or more routines in an age division and level to award winner.

  • 3-4 routines = 1st place awarded

  • 5-6 routines = Top 3 awarded

  • 7-11 routines = Top 5 awarded, 1st place receives $75 Dynamic Dollars

  • 12 + routines = Top 10 awarded, 1st place receives $75 cash

GROUP HIGH SCORES: Small/large groups AND line/productions will always be combined for overalls. There must be 3 or more routines in an age division and level to award a winner.

  • 3-4 routines = 1st place awarded

  • 5-6 routines = Top 3 awarded

  • 7-11 routines = Top 5 awarded, 1st place receives $100 Dynamic Dollars

  • 12 + routines = Top 10 awarded, 1st place receives $100 Dynamic Dollars


PLEASE READ: If dancers decide they do not want their medals, plaques, and/or trophies, please inform DPC when registering, and you may take the cost of those awards, and donate it to a charity of your choice! *Trophy donations do not apply to title winners*


  • Dynamic stand out awards will be handed out during each award segment chosen by the dynamic stand out awards judge. 

  • During the very last award segment of each venue, we will have:

        - Sportsmanship award: This will be presented to the studio that shows the most support to everyone throughout the entire event.

        - Directors Choice: This will be presented the performance that stood out to the director, Kelsey.

        - Choreography: This award will be presented to the teacher for outstanding choreography. 

        - Judges Choice: This award will be presented to a routine that is unanimously compelled all the judges.

        - RSW award: This award is named after late co-director Rebecca S. Weibel. She was the total package in life, so this award will be presented to a routine that judges feel is the total package. 

        - Dynamic dance award: This award will be handed to the highest scoring performance of the entire weekend and will win a $150.00 cash award and a huge 5ft trophy! *Please note: we do not restrict scores from any levels, so all routines at any level are eligible for this award.*



  • Improv: is a performance in any style that is not choreographed. 

  • Tap: Must be performed wearing tap shoes and use tap technique.

  • Jazz: should be performed using traditional jazz technique and movements. 

  • Acro: Can be performed in any style but requires more than 3 acrobatic tricks and tumble passes.

  • Contemporary: Is a style that requires a variety of different emotions, isolations and technique. 

  • Hip Hop: Can be performed in any hip hop style (popping, animation, etc.)

  • Lyrical: Is a style that utilizes the lyrics of the music but also shows technique, strength, and flexibility/extensions.

  • Ballet: A routine that requires strong classical ballet technique. Ballet shoes/slippers are to be worn.

  • Open: Is a category that falls in between any style, but it must not have more than 3 tricks or tumble passes or it is to be entered into the acrobatic category.

  • Modern: Is an interpretive dance that requires balance and control. 

  • Pointe: Must be performed wearing pointe shoes and requires strong ballet technique.

  • Musical Theater: Is a routine of any style that interprets a musical movie or a Broadway show.

  • Clogging: Must be performed in clogging shoes and use clogging technique.

  • Character: Must be performed as a character.

  • Voice/Vocal: strictly singing. No back-up voices should be used in the music.

  • professional: Any style performed with a professional dancer or dance instructor.

  • Liturgical: Is a routine that expresses public worship.










Performs at a novice/beginner level.

Performs at an intermediate level.

Dancers are able to make audience feel emotions through their connection and/or story telling when on stage.

Dancers who have many years in the dance/competition industry.

Takes 1-2 technique classes per week.

Takes 3 or more technique classes per week.

Performs at an advanced  level.

Dancers who have few years of experience in the dance/competition industry.

Dancers can connect with music and tell a story but may not connect to the audience.

Dancers are still learning how to connect with music and how to tell a story.

Dancers who understand the fundamentals of dance but have not mastered them.

Dancers who are still learning basic dance movement.

Dancers who are very new to the dance/competition industry.

Takes 0-1 technique class per week.

Dancers who fully understand the fundamentals of dance and have advanced skills.

Dynamic All Star- Dancers with special needs and/or disabilities.

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