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Tour Dates

2025 Tour Dates Are Out NOW!

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  • We keep our convention and competition separate.

  • Professional and organized.

  • Scholarships and awards.

  • Professional choreographers. 

  • Fun and informative classes.

  • College student and teacher discounts.

  • No age cut off. Sign-ups are based upon level, not age.

  • Observer bands available.

  • One class bands are available to purchase.


  • Professional and organized events.

  • Improv category.

  • Complimentary snack table.

  • Studio welcome packages.

  • DPC Icons.

  • Cash awards and Dynamic Dollars.

  • Never worry about multiple stages or over selling events.

  • Dynamic Stand Out Awards.

  • Titles awarded for each level.

  • Amazing photo/video quality.

Want to Guarantee a spot with us for the 2025 competition season?

Please see "venue info" under the competition drop down for updates on space availability, locations and more.

About Us

About Us

Dynamic Performance Challenge (DPC) is a competition that hit the stage in 2021! We are here to provide an exceptional experience for all studio owners and teachers by creating an unforgettable event to help their aspiring dancers grow and pursue their dreams. 

Kelsey Weibel: Owner/director of DPC is so excited to announce the 2024-2025 season! A huge goal for us is to have everyone leave each venue excited to attend the next DPC event. We strive on positivity, and it is guaranteed from all staff members involved with DPC. We want studios to create memories with us, which is just one reason why we are here to give back in every way possible! This includes DPC Icons, various cash awards, dynamic stand out awards, dynamic dollars, donation options and more! Here at DPC we not only want dancers to feel special, but studio owners and teachers too. A teachers' lounge will be available at our Nationals during each event and DPC will provide snacks and drinks throughout the day!


Kelsey’s dream to start a dance competition began during her first entrepreneur class, in her sophomore year of high school. For 18 years she was a competitive dancer and the impact competitions had on her growing up, is a huge reason why she wants to give back to young dancers who share the same passion for dance. She has also had experience as a dance instructor, gone through many audition processes, and worked for other dance competitions. Kelsey knows how important it is to run a professional and organized event and is excited to share DPC with you all. We hope to see you at one of our venues next year!  

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